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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 430 AM  ABC  February 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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california minutes super bowl trophy was headed to north carolina but it was a rough game for the panthers. how theirdefeat and post-game message from coach rivera to his players. good morning, carolina, welcome on february 8, 34 degrees. i'm barbara gibbs john: i'm john clark. we will have more on super bowl 50 but first the threat of icy roads putting some schools on delay this morning. johnston and wayne counties on a two-hour delay. barbara: edgecombe county three hours. we will check in with meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert storm center. don: good morning. we have a little icy precip in spots yesterday. today not seeing anything on the radar. we will warm quickly. which by 8:00 to 9:00 we are above freezing.
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lots of sunshine and typical day temperature-wise. 30 in roxboro, 33 chapel hill. 28 sanford, 36 smithfield. 35 goldsboro and 36 clinton. we are mainly clear to start and 32. lunchtime partly sunny and 49. this afternoon some late day rain showers and into the low 50's. today the warmest of the next several. we have a big pocket of cold air coming. we have that in the complete forecast in a couple of minutes. john: a shooting investigation at a raleigh apartment complex. gloria rodriguez is live on the scene. gloria: it was reported at the hodges creeks apartments. this is on hodge creek drive off old wake forest road. right now there are police officers out here investigating. the shooting was reported at
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saying much about what happened here but a police officer told our photographer that there was a body in the parking lot. police roped off the crime scene as they investigated and that investigation continues. the police department did say they have not made any arrests and they are following up leads. hopefully we will learn more later on this morning. we will stay here and bring you the latest. live in raleigh, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: a driver had to be without from her car after this crash. she was going around the curve on sawmill road and drove into that tree. the tree kept it from going down into a creek but she had to be cut her out. also new a family of three forced to leave their home by fire just before midnight on charles street.
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was put out but. john: governor mccrory recovering after a car crash after leaving super bowl 50. his car was hit from behind and totaled. mccrory, who was not driving, complained of pain but was not taken to the hospital. a passenger in his car was taken to the hospital for a precautionary evaluation. the governor's office released this statement. we were very fortunate and while i'm still proud of the carolina definitely not the game panthers games were hoping -- fans were hoping for. john: their offense never got going thanks largely to the defense. cam newton was harassed in super bowl 50 and sacked a super bowl record seven times. he lost two fumbles, threw and interception and failed to
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time this season. the result was a 24-10 loss. barbara: he is not taking it john: head coach rivera had a different message for to learn to give ourselves an opportunity to get back here. john: our coverage of super bowl 50 is not done. coming up in the 6:00 to 7:00 hour we will go live to santa clara for live coverage from
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we will also check in with elaineelena athens from charlotte. barbara: a woman killed by a county. john: how you can help police track down the driver who left already to die. barbara: new charges for three teenagers accused of throwing rocks on cars off i-95 in cumberland county. don: as you head out we have dry conditions on the radar but that will change. we have rain headed in. did you know there's a cough liquid that lasts for twelve hours? try delsym twelve hour cough liquid. its advanced formula releases powerful medicine that acts fast while its extended release medicine lasts for 12 hours.
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don: welcome pwabgback. let's talk about the drive in. should be easy for you, lots of sunshine going to work. seasonal temperatures. we will be in the 40's by 10:00. later this morning into the afternoon we will see more
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you are below freezing in roxboro at 28. at freezing south hill. 32. 34 oxford, 33 chapel hill. 36 wilson. 35 goldsboro. 37 fayetteville. 28 in sanford. we look at the day ahead, mainly clear skies right now, 32. by lunchtime 49 and this afternoon expect rain showers and 50 degrees. the rain showers can end as a few snowflakes. the bigger story is how cold it will get. we have the seven-day forecast next. barbara: thank you. garner police are looking for a minivan with front end damage involving in a skwreupblt. 22-year-old kayla higgins was walking down highway 70 sunday morning when a minivan hit her. she was found around 8:00. police are looking for a van with front end damage. you are asked to call garner police if you have any information about information. john: more charges for the teenagers charged with throwing
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bobby stone, javier prieto and alex alvarado have two more counts of assault with a deadly weapon and damage to property bringing the total to 14 each. cumberland county detectives slapped the additional charges after two truckers came forward saying bricks hit them. one victim says there is a hole in his roof. they will have their first appearance on the new charges this morning. a map charged with -- man charged with a wreck with a city bus is scheduled to appear in court. he was driving drunk without a license when he ran a light slamming into the bus in december. it forced the bus into a power pole. he attempted to run from the crash before he was caught. barbara: state and business leaders will gather in raleigh for the emerging issues forum.
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barbara: welcome back. it is 4:45 and 34 degrees.
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apartment complex is under way in raleigh. that is one story making headlines. police were called to the hodges creek apartments off old wake forest road this morning. it is still being blocked by police tape. they are only saying they are investigating the shooting. we will have a live report in the next half hour. governor mccrory is recovering after his car was totaled leaving super bowl 50. he was not driving when someone rear-ended the car. he complained of pain but didn't get treatment. a passenger in the car was taken to the hospital. super bowl 50 not what carolina panthers fans were hoping for. denver's defense dominated sacking cam newton seven times which tied the record. broncos won 24-10. john: two bodies recovered from the wreckage of two planes that collided over a los angeles harbor. divers made the discovery about
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the search was launched friday after a plane piloted by a 72-year-old woman collided with a plane carrying two men. authorities say both pilots were experienced. cruise in new york city hope to have a busy street damaged by a falling crane reopened. the boom came crashing down on north street in tribeca. one was killed. because it was so long it had to be cut into 35 pieces and hauled away. crews are working to repair a water main and gas lane. barbara: two survivors pulled out alive from a high-rise apartment in taiwan. it was one of many damaged by a powerful earthquake two days ago. 36 were killed but rescue crews are trying to reach hundreds who still may be trapped. united nations work the on actions after north korea's rocket launch.
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condemning it and pledging a new resolution. meantime secretary of state kerry called the foreign ministers of south korea and japan to talk about it. john: scary scene in london an explosion on a bridge. the scene so realistic and terrifying that many didn't know what was happening. you see it here. when the dust was settled the word got around that hollywood is making a film. turns out it was a stunt for action star jackie chan's new film. the production team said they sent out a fly alerting the public but apparently not everyone was informed. barbara: need to know about that. if your monday lunch spot is chipotle you need a plan. it is closing all locations for four hours for a food safety meeting after an e-coli outbreak last year. about 500 got sick including several basketball players at
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employees will go over a food safety program implemented in january. all chipotle restaurants will be closed from 11:00 to 3:00 today. >> car finder on the hyundai genesis. barbara: that was kevin hart called the best commercial of super bowl 50.
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they took on a new ton
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reynolds one. don: the one i had was the doritos doritos. john: the doritos one where the dogs are trying to sneak into the super market. barbara: this is the first time i was watching the game more than for the commercials. don: cam newton went to auburn. barbara: but i was into it -- boy, for a while. don: i went to bed early and i'm glad i did. barbara: after the halftime show. don: let's talk weather. we have a cold week. look at this week ahead. our normal high is 54. today is the warmest day but thursday the high is only 37. that is the big story this week, that cold stretch of air. looking into downtown raleigh, looks like they have the top of the p.n.c. building lit up in
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32, want dew point 22, 66% humidity. winds calm. north hills 35, 57% humidity. north wind eight miles an hour. we have clear skies right now. today will start very nice and typical temperatures, lots of sunshine but we zoom out and we are caught between two systems. we have the low that brought the wintry mix down east yesterday. that is pulling out. we had some in wake county. this is the next system approaching, lots of snow in portions of wisconsin, iowa and missouri. this is going to swing down in here and it starts with rain later today. we will look at the first alert predictor forecast model, by lunchtime dry and clear. a few more clouds building in. this afternoon i think we will see showers into this evening mainly rain showers but as the temp drops it could end as a few snowflakes. i don't think we will see any accumulation but they could be around.
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different day. chance of rain showers and cold air filters in and could end with snowflakes before the really cold air gets here on wednesday. the latest surface map shoals the low to the north and -- shows the low to the north and we will see different pieces of energy. this works through tonight into tomorrow bringing us rain showers then the next one kind of falls apart as it gets here. once this moves through that bitter cold air slides in for midweek and it is with us the rest of the week. seasonal terms. degrees. as we go into the afternoon we will see is the clouds thicken and see showers. and evening. this will start as rain and could end as a few snowflakes. numbers from across the region increasing clouds, late day rain showers possible. siler city up to 50, 51 holly
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52 smithfield. 51 durham. sand hills, sanford 51. 52 lillington. 53 fayetteville. 53 goldsboro. we will go north and you will see temperatures in the 40's, 48 roxboro. 47 south hill. 50 roanoke rapids. 52 wilson. tonight the temperatures across the area back to around 30 for an overnight low. i feel we will have the wintry mix early. rain may end as a few snowflakes. no accumulation. overnight le nightnight lows a little below normal. powered by accuweather shoals cold weather all -- shows cold weather all week. 43 tomorrow the high. tuesday night into wednesday down into the 20's for lows. wednesday 40, lots of sunshine. cold. friday 41 and partly sunny. monday 41 and for valentine's day you will want to snuggle up. only in the 30's.
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the rest of the week. today is the warmest of the next seven. john: 4:52. a protest planned for today at a durham school. barbara: why the students are upset after being told to remove head wear.
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about barbara: welcome back. john: officials at the brunswick nuclear plant on the north carolina coast are declaring an alert saying there's no danger and the alert was downgraded to unusual event classification last night. that describes a condition or event that is outside of normal
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no threat to public safety. it was issued due to damage in an electrical panel. a state agency says north carolina doesn't need to add new regulations to zip lines. the department of labor was asked after a camper from wilmington died in a fall this past summer in the blue ridge mountains. they say no amount of regulation can remove all risk. barbara: today a public school protest in durham over colorful head wraps worn by teenage girls. officials ordered them removed but the students say they are taking a stand. parents of the girls said they help the students show pride in their african heritage. they decided to wear them to school on the first day of block history month but were told they were violating the dress code and remove them or alter the clothes so their hair is shown. they complied but their participants are not happy about
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>> it was to express themselves culturally regardless of block history month they should able to wear the head wraps. when i was in high school it happened to me but i had to stand firm to my principle and say this is part of my culture. barbara: she said today the parents, students and others will stand together outside the school for the creative study at 12:40 wearing them. they expect dozens of supporters to do the same. john: police on the scene of a shooting in raleigh. we will have a live report from the scene. barbara: more on listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.
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john: super bowl heart break. panthers' amazing season ends short of bringing home the lombardi trophy. barbara: governor mccrory involved in a car crash after the super bowl, how he is doing this morning. john: breaking news, police investigation under way in raleigh raleigh, where it is unfolding. good morning, carolina. welcome on monday february 8. 34 degrees as we approach 5:00. i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. we will have more on the big stories but first meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert storm center talking cold. good morning. don: good morning to you, barbara and john. today is the warmest of the next seven. after today it gets chilly. we will talk about that but the next 12 hours temperatures will climb throughout the day. by 9:00 we are seeing the numbers jumping near 40 and we will go into the 40's late this morning, 50 lunchtime and stay
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current numbers from across the
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